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  • S&V_Kara_Marler

    The Hardest Thing I Ever Did Was…

    At the end of the week of Summer Seminary 2014, students participated in a “preach off.” Each student was given a prompt and instructed to write a two minute sermon on the topic.  Students practiced their sermons in front of one another, late Saturday night, high in the pulpit of the main sanctuary of First Unitarian Church of Chicago. First Unitarian Church of Chicago is one of the oldest churches in Chicago, founded in 1836. Senior Kara Marler, from outside Seattle, WA, was one of five students voted to preach her sermon on Sunday morning. Here is her account of that experience. – Ed. Adults Said She Had Potential, Witness What She Did With It By Kara…

  • YC_2015

    General Assembly, Here We Come!

    Ever wondered what it would be like to be surrounded by nearly 5,000 like hearted people, exploring Unitarian Universalist values in an amazing new city? OR, have you been dreaming of making your way back to such a UUtopia after attending General Assembly in the past?   Consider Andrea and Olivia as your guides on just such an adventure. They are the Youth Caucus Deans for General Assembly 2015 in Portland, Oregon.     Junior Youth Caucus Dean – Andrea Briscoe Stats: I’m 15 and a Sophomore. I live in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I go to Main Line Unitarian Church. UU Background: I’m a lifelong UU. I enjoy planning and attending my Youth Group’s shenanigans. I…

  • Bridging

    Figuratively/Literally on the Move? – Keep Connected!

    “Life is a Journey”, and, “You Can’t Take it With You”: True AND False Striking out on new adventures – whether moving around the block or across the country – also means leaving your youth group behind, where deep relationship and spiritual connection are built right in. And though you may miss the support youth groups provide, an exciting part of this transition is the opportunity to discover how to join with other UUs to express your faith in a new way – in your way. We call it Bridging, because being on your  journey – from high school studies to college, or the military, or a new apartment or job – doesn’t mean you don’t take…

  • UU_Youth_Haiwa_Pilgrimage

    Youthful Ambassadors for Peace

    To Transform Atomic Legacy On the 69th anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki that ended Japanese involvement in the Second World War, we re-post excepts from this story by members of  All Souls Church, Unitarian youth group (Washington, DC) who are participating on the Heiwa Peace Pilgrimage originally appearing on UUA International, the blog of international program office of the Unitarian Universalist Association.     Hiroshima: Reflections on Reconciliation & Friendship “Obama will say, ‘I’m sorry.’ This I hope. I hope…” These were the words of a Hiroshima resident who approached a member of our group last night… Sadly, at the top levels of our government no such words have been spoken, no…

  • YM_Best-Selling_Tips

    A Best–Seller’s Tips to Successful Youth Ministry

    Leading Starts with Who You Are – and How You Are John Green is one of the most successful current YA authors out there, whose work resonates deeply with youth. But it turns out that his success isn’t just because of what he writes, but because he shares with his readers who he is. In her post on “How Author John Green Can Transform Your Youth Ministry” from the Faith Formation Learning Exchange blog, Jolene Roehlkepartain explains (with links to videos by John Green and his brother Hank on YouTube) that the passion John Green inspires in his readers isn’t magic, can be replicated and is applicable to creating successful youth ministry. Learn more about…

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Figuratively/Literally on the Move? – Keep Connected!

August 19th 2014, one comment

“Life is a Journey”, and, “You Can’t Take it With You”: True AND False...


Massachusetts – Immigration Mayhem!

July 30th 2014, no comments

Controversy Breaks out at the Mass. State House Surrounding Immigrant Minors By Olivia McCormack and...


Witnessing the Reality of Reproductive Justice

July 21st 2014, no comments

Reproductive Justice Tour Daily Blog: Day 4 After a hiatus, we continue our reporting of the First U...


Showing + Sustaining Reproductive Justice

June 20th 2014, no comments

Reproductive Justice Tour Daily Blog: Day 2 and 3 Love Reaches Out in many ways, and during the week...


Our Vision for Reproductive Justice

June 19th 2014, one comment

Reproductive Justice Daily Blog: Day 1 Love Reaches Out in many ways, and during the week of June 16...


Youth Caucus Welcome Packet Released

June 10th 2014, no comments

The Youth Caucus Welcome Packet for General Assembly 2014 has been released! Containing essential in...


Take the Lead at Future General Assemblies

June 5th 2014, no comments

GA 2014 may still be a few weeks away, but we’re already on the lookout for the next Youth Caucus ...


Youth Observer 2014-15: Meet Candidates and Vote

May 15th 2014, no comments

BALLOTS DUE MONDAY, JUNE 2! Election of a Youth Observer for the 2014-15 term to the Unitarian Univ...


5 Tips for Your Youth Caucus Forms

May 1st 2014, no comments

Have you registered for General Assembly as a youth? Are you a parent, religious educator or advisor...


Power UP with Rev. Monica

April 30th 2014, no comments

On-Air Thursdays, on-line any-time Power UP with Rev. Monica (Rev. Dr. Monica L. Cummings) is an int...


Youth Dare to Make Change Happen Now

April 4th 2014, one comment

On March 13 Boston Mobilization, YMORE, Unitarian Universalist Religious Professionals of Color and ...


Springtime is Bridge Time!

April 1st 2014, no comments

Bridge Jumping – Not Off, Across Bridging (transitioning to young adulthood) is an important time ...