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    Youth Energy Solution

    Brighten UU Youth Group Leads on Environmental Justice The Youth Group at Community Unitarian Universalists in Brighton (CUUB), Michigan has spearheaded an initiative encouraging energy utilities to adopt more energy efficient and renewable sources of energy. Learn about their work, strategy and how you can act for environmental justice at Youth Energy Solution. Learn more about Unitarian Universalist Association (UU) Youth Groups.

  • Selma_Y_Offer

    Special Offer for Youth to Go to Selma

    You Must Respond By Friday, January 23, 2015 The Living Legacy Project Will Get You There Registration for the Living Legacy Project Conference is full and closed UNLESS you are a youth – in which case you must register by Friday, January 23, 2015. Also, FOR YOUTH ONLY  – the Living Legacy Project is offering financial aid to attend the conference, however you must apply by Friday, January 23.       Learn more about the Living Legacy Project here.              

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    How to Be a Youth Caucus Delegate in 5 Easy Steps

    Watch ‘n Read ‘n Be a GA Youth Delegate FUN TIMES Manager Kara Marler Tells You How It Is In Pictures… And in Words… Youth: Want to be a delegate?? What is a delegate? A delegate is a General Assembly (GA) participant who represents the voice of their congregation by attending General Sessions during the week and voting on a variety of business items such as amendments, policy changes, and action issues. The number of delegates a congregation can send is based on how many members they have; each congregation is allowed 1 delegate per 50 voting members, with a minimum of 2 delegates. For many youth, congregations will help out with paying for financial…

  • CERG_Youth_Con

    Youth Surging Forward

    Creating Regional Harmony This account of the second Central East Regional Group (CERG) regional conference comes from CERG Con senior co-dean Lilly Kahris. –Ed. I have found that car rides are a good time for thinking. I have been to 10+ youth conferences; many have which required a long drive. Usually I listen to music, or chat casually with the other people in the car, but yesterday’s drive was different. I spent my four hours reflecting on the past weekend, the second CERG Youth Conference. This was a milestone in my youth career. I have been a conference dean before, but there was something really special about working with youth and adults from other districts…

  • Be-the-Change_1214

    You Can Be The Change

    We Should All Be So Privileged I knew that I could vote and that that wasn’t a privilege; it was my right. Every time I tried I was shot, killed or jailed, beaten or economically deprived. – Stokely Carmichael, as quoted in Be the Change Session 5, Can We Live With Racism?     “Be the Change” By Eric Broner and Rev. Jonathan Rogers As the racial perspectives of many in our congregation have been challenged this year, we have sought through vigils, worships and discussions to make sense of what is wrong with our country. For us in the Young Religious Unitarian Universalists high school youth group of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta,…

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Covenant Creates Congregation

January 29th 2015, no comments

While the Future of Faith is being determined by innovations in the places and ways people connect t...


Youth Energy Solution

January 21st 2015, no comments

Brighten UU Youth Group Leads on Environmental Justice The Youth Group at Community Unitarian Univer...


Are You Wondering if You’ve Got the Call?

January 21st 2015, no comments

Find out at Summer Seminary 2015 Click HERE...


Why Should Youth See Selma For Free?

January 16th 2015, no comments

Because Seeing Selma Could Free Us All Movie tickets are downright expensive. But African-American b...


Youth Surging Forward

January 5th 2015, no comments

Creating Regional Harmony This account of the second Central East Regional Group (CERG) regional con...


Irreplacable Congregation

December 16th 2014, no comments

Spiritual Growth Happens Someplace… And in relation to or with others – even when, as in cer...


50 Years On, It Is Time to Act for Justice Again

December 5th 2014, one comment

Witness – and Make History in March, 2015 The Living Legacy Project is hosting a conference, Ma...


These Pants are Meant for Leading

November 25th 2014, one comment

Luminary Leading, that is.   Who won the Luminary Leaders drawing of a pair of super plush UUA ...


More than Just Journeys

November 7th 2014, no comments

Incomparable Justice Learning Experiences from the UUCSJ The Unitarian Universalist College of Socia...


Luminary Leaders: Lighting a New Way

October 22nd 2014, no comments

Are you 14-18 or in your first year out of high school?          Are you dedicated to living yo...


Sunday Challenge: TUESDAY ANSWER

October 14th 2014, no comments

1793 –> 1825 –> 1961 –> NOW! Dear Friends, Thanks for participating in the first of m...


Life, the Universe and… Everything

October 7th 2014, one comment

Summer Seminary Graduate Sofia Avery-Kapulski is so cool she lives in a yurt with a wood-burning sto...