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  • YA@GA15_Guide

    All of the Things: YA@GA 2015 Edition

    Your one stop guide to all YA@GA programming This post is brought to you by your senior YA@GA co-facilitator Rev. Jonathan Rogers – ed. GA is coming! “It won’t be long now…” said the monkey as he backed into the fan. Let’s make a list of what precisely is going on at General Assembly for Young Adults at General Assembly (YA@GA) programming. There is no truth to the rumors that the occurrence of certain Friday programs are pending the USWNT World Cup quarterfinals match timing, and although all bets would be off in the case of a Supreme Court ruling on same sex marriage during GA, we have compromising pictures of Justice Roberts that ensure the…

  • GROW_Climate_Justice

    GROW Your Climate Justice Activist Skills

    Train to Change the Climate on Climate Justice! GROW Climate Justice, from the Unitarian Universalist College of Social Justice, trains young adult activists to do the work of climate justice for the long haul. Learn skills, gain practices, spiritual grounding and build relationships that will change the climate on climate justice! GROW Climate Justice in Chicago, IL.  August 7-11. The workshop — which has been subsidized by many generous donors — costs $200/person. Travel grants are available from the UUCSJ.

  • Commit_2_Climate_Justice

    Committing to Climate Justice

      Committing to Climate Justice This post is adapted from the 2015 Earth Sunday Sermon for UU Ministry for Earth, “Shifting Energy: From Fossil Fuels to Climate Action.” Read the full sermon and find other worship resources. By Matthew McHale Over the course of climate justice month, we’ve expressed our gratitude for life, we’ve reckoned with our grief and fear about the converging crises of ecological destruction, massive inequality and global warming, and reconnected with our love for earth and for each other. Now is the time when we commit to respond to the climate crisis—because we need to act! So many of us feel overwhelmed and powerless in the face of the crisis. And…

  • Helping_YAs_Find_Way

    Safe Space and a Way Forward

    And Natural Extension of Unitarian Unversalist Core Values Talkin’ ’bout unconditional love, equality and justice – This is one way Unitarian Universalist congregations engage their community: When two young adults realized that homeless young adults were falling through the cracks Sam Greenberg and Sarah Rosenkrantz determined to open a shelter to help them find a path forward. When they decided to do something about it, First Parish in Cambridge, MA determined to help by hosting the shelter dedicated to homeless young adults (between the ages of 18 and 24) during the coldest months of the year. Said Rev. Fred Small, the senior minister at First Parish, “Their proposal was very exciting, because it’s a natural…

  • YA_at_GA_Election_Results

    YA@GA Election Winner

    And the Winner is… (Scroll down now to find out, or read this part first) Yes folks, the results from the new and improved* Young Adults at General Assembly (YA@GA) elections are in! First off, a big thank you to all our candidates who were willing to serve in this important leadership role and who spent time putting together their terrific videos and elections materials. Second, a big thank you to the 77 young adults who took time to learn about the candidates and make your voice heard by voting! And now, without further ado, the winner is…     Cameron Young of Fort Worth, Texas!   The staff at the Office of Youth and…

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Train to Change the Climate on Climate Justice! GROW Climate Justice, from the Unitarian Universalis...


YA@GA Elections Tuesday April 7th!

April 1st 2015, 2 comments

YOU DECIDE IN ONE WEEK  What YOU Need to Know to Vote: As explained in this post calling for candid...


If You Wanna Be Elected, First You Gotta Run…

March 6th 2015, one comment

For YA@GA co-facilitator! Are you a Unitarian Universalist young adult with experience building comm...


Spotlight: UU Young Adults of Mutual Aid Carrboro

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True Solidarity – Enduring Fire “A few weeks ago after a particularly long and hectic day, I sat...


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And Drawn to Where Religious Community Can Happen This Barna Group update, Designing Worship Spaces ...


Summer Seminary Applications Open 2/13/2015

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Explore the Call “Welcome to the club!” is what my former boss, Nancy Bowen Regional Lead for th...


Intern With The Sanctuaries DC this Summer

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You are Needed for This Unique Ministry in Washington, DC You’re needed. Yes, you, the young a...


Multigenerational Leadership – A Place at the Table

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An Open Invitation I was invited to preach on Sunday, January 25th, at the Unitarian Universalist Ch...