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  • Vote

    A Single Vote

    Bends the Arc Toward Justice… by Rev. Allison Palm When my husband and I moved to New Hampshire this past summer, we deliberately didn’t get a landline. We knew our out-of-state cell phone numbers would be sufficient for our needs – and would keep us safe from the barrage of phone calls we had heard were a part of living in this first in the nation primary state. Without a landline or a TV, in many ways we’ve been sheltered from the primary craziness. Add to that the fact that we are millennials and have no voting record in the primary, and there’s been no reason for any campaign to court us. I’ve witnessed many…

  • Fiercely, disinherited wtih logo

    Fiercely UU: Universalism and the Disinherited

    Fiercely UU is a new blog series where Unitarian Universalist young adults tell stories about what our faith requires of us and how they follow that call.  To be fiercely UU is to proclaim human worth and interdependence. In an individualist, greed-based, shame and fear fueled white supremacist patriarchy, we say no to isolation and oppression and yes to radical love and covenanted connection. – Ed. The Disinherited  by Joseph Boyd Will is a friend of mine. We met at Rikers Island Correctional Facility in a two acre garden space, a little Eden in the midst of bars, blood, and stinky socks. Will sat in a corner and didn’t talk to anyone, just sat and stared at…

  • Annoying_Millennials

    Here is Why Millennials Are the Worst

    And Why This is Great News for Your Congregation by Elizabeth Mount Well, you can’t have missed all the articles about the Millennial generation. I hear we’re entitled, arrogant, narcissistic, selfish, lazy, politically disengaged, gullible, technology absorbed, and isolated… oh, and we talk funny too. Now we’ve grown up and keep coming to church, and what do you know, we want it to be a church that serves our needs! Here’s why having Millennials involved in your church is going to be completely awful: Entitlement.  Millennials want the church to be about them. They’ve grown up with the idea that people with many different needs should be included through diverse programming. Sometimes that means changing…

  • Illuminating_LL_Alex_Jensen

    Illuminating Leaders – Alex Jensen

    LUMINARY ALUM ALEX JENSEN WANTS TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE… And he’s well on his way to making that a reality. Alex is a graduate of the first ever Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) Summer Seminary in 2013. Summer Seminary was a very important experience for him, as it helped him discern and answer his personal call to the service of others and learn more about what he wanted to do in his future career. He is curious about Military Chaplaincy. Previously, at Future Leader Camp, he explored how his Unitarian Universalist values fit with the military while learning survival and leadership skills. Alex now attends California State University in Monterey Bay, majoring in Human Communication with…

  • Vitamins_4_Soul

    Take Your Spiritual Vitamins with Kirbey!

    Spiritual practices are like vitamins for the soul. Spiritual practices are the rituals we do often to strengthen the muscles of our spirit. Spiritual practices help us stay grounded, feel alive and sustain the energy we need to make an impact in our world. In The Daily Does of Kirbz, Summer Seminary Alum, Kirbey Geissler has a spiritual practice that is sure to brighten your day. Try it out and pass it on. Read H A P P Y L I S T.    

Recent Posts for Unitarian Universalist Young Adults (18-35)

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Fiercely UU is a new blog series where Unitarian Universalist young adults tell stories about what o...


A Single Vote

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Bends the Arc Toward Justice… by Rev. Allison Palm When my husband and I moved to New Hampshir...


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Jonathan Rogers passes the bandana to Ayla Halberstadt at General Assembly 2015.

Join the YA@GA 2016 Team Today

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Worship and GA Talks Coordinators Needed! APPLICATIONS MUST BE RECEIVED BY OCTOBER 4, 2015 (CLICK HE...



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Kanye and Church?

And the Mic Dropped…

September 4th 2015, no comments

Bro! Listen to the kids! On Sunday, August 30th, Kanye West gave a speech at the MTV Video Music Awa...


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August 3rd 2015, no comments

Consistency is Key Rosemary Dodd is a student at Wellesley College and was very involved in youth le...


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July 16th 2015, 3 comments

They Are Everywhere – You Just Need to Know Where to Look… “I’m moving to a new part of ...


Emerging Ministries Grow from UU Roots

May 29th 2015, one comment

Nell Krahnke grew up Unitarian Universalist (UU) and when she arrived at the College of Wooster and ...


Want to Make Some Justice This Summer?

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Here is a Chance to Do It! A message from Garner Takahashi Morris of the UU Justice Ministry of Cali...