Youthful Leader

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Learn about Robert Jensen, graduate of the Unitarian Universalist Association Summer Seminary Class of 2013, from the selected excerpts of this profile piece by Aliyah Mohammed of the Fremont Bulletin  from the Mercury News. – Ed. Unitarian Universalist Present and Future “Washington High graduate hopes to combine passion for social justice and faith” The word “passionate” encapsulates recent Washington High School graduate Robert Jensen in a nutshell. When he speaks about his faith, about social work and the good he hopes to do in the world, his energized words come at such fast speeds that it seems like he is speaking in energized bursts… In his freshman year, Jensen, 18, got involved with the Gay Straight…

NextGen Ministries: coming soon!

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Faith Moves Into the Next Generation   Our religious landscape in the United States is changing, as we’re all well aware. We’ve talked about how Millennials are less religious than other generations in words and in images. We’ve also tossed out some ways to engage this young adult generation. Well the time has come to talk about how the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) is supporting the adaptations that are happening with these changing times.  It’s time for Next Generation (NextGen) Ministries.     NextGen Ministries (our working title) is a developing umbrella initiative of the UUA that will help spark new faith communities and congregational ventures to reach younger adults and other groups with high…

Take the Lead at Future General Assemblies

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GA 2014 may still be a few weeks away, but we’re already on the lookout for the next Youth Caucus Dean for GA 2015 and 2016! Serving as Youth Caucus Dean is a wonderful opportunity to build and strengthen your leadership skills, meet new people, create awesome youth community, and serve your faith. This two-year position is all-expenses paid, meaning that it doesn’t cost you anything to attend meetings and events: we cover registration, flight, housing, food, supplies, etc.     Youth Caucus Deans are the leaders of the volunteer Youth Caucus Staff. They choose and coordinate programming, select additional staff, facilitate meetings, collaborate with adult leaders across the Association and make Youth Caucus the…

Youth Ministry

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Download, print or share information on Youth Ministry from the Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministries. Youth Leadership Programs, events and opportunities for youth leadership development, including: – Luminary Leaders – Summer Seminary – Summer Justice Programs – Youth Leadership Schools and Trainings – Youth Caucus Youth in Congregations Resources for congregational youth programs, including: – Ways to do Youth Ministry guide – Youth Group Start-Up guide – Balanced Youth Programming – Youth on Boards and Committees – Social Justice and Service – Be the Change! Youth Anti-Racism Curriculum Identity Based Resources – Youth and Young Adults of Color – LGBTQ Resources for Youth Youth Advisor Support Information for preparing and supporting Youth Advisors,…

Youth and Young Adults of Color Ministry

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Ministry for Unitarian Universalists 15 – 35 who identify as a person of color (persons of Native American, Asian, Arab, Latino/a, African descent, transracially adopted, bi-racial, multiracial or international). For more information contact the Rev. Dr. Monica L. Cummings, Ministries and Faith Development Available Resources Consultations or Webinars with ministers, religious educators, youth advisors and coordinators on the pastoral care needs of youth and young adults of color. Annual Multicultural Leadership School for youth and young adults of color. Educational videos with discussion guides on Gender, Sexuality, Racial/Ethnic Identity Development and Support for Youth Struggling with Addiction. Mosaic Report UU Living Mosaic blog Youth Ministry Working Group Report Download a PDF version of this page….

Multicultural Leadership School: Register by June 1

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Only a Few Spots Remain for Summer 2014 session! Several places remain in the Summer 2014 Unitarian Universalist Association Multicultural Leadership School (MLS) in Boston, MA,  Friday, July 25 through Tuesday, July 29. This training is designed specifically for Unitarian Universalist (UU) Youth and Young Adults of Color (ages 15-35), equipping them be leaders in their UU congregation, or on the district or national level. Experienced facilitators lead the group to build relationships, grow in leadership and inter-cultural collaboration skills, explore racial/ethnic identity and deepen faith. The only cost is a $200 registration fee, which is payable on acceptance to the MLS. Travel, lodging, and most meals are provided. Read more here, or proceed directly…

UU Young Adult Leads on Reproductive Choice

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Reproductive Choice is not an option The Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) has led on the issue of reproductive rights since 1963 – ten years before abortions were legal in this country. In this interview Jessica Halperin who was just was elected to a two-year term as  Vice-Chair of the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice (RCRC) talks about the opportunity of having a Unitarian Universalist leadership voice on the RCRC, and shares her thoughts on what UUs can do in the fight for social justice through reproductive choice. Join the UUA in making reproductive choice a reality for all Americans Take action for reproductive choice with the RCRC Jessica Halperin also serves as the Witness Ministries Program Associate…

Youth Observer 2014-2015 Elections

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BE A NATIONAL VOICE FOR YOUTH   A new Youth Observer (YO) to the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) Board of Trustees is elected every year prior to General Assembly. The Youth Observer to the Board is an important, national leadership position held by a Unitarian Universalist (UU) youth who is voted into office by UU youth in a national election.       WHO MAY RUN  – Any youth who: Will be in high school (Grades 9-12) or the equivalent for the 2014-2015 school year; Is active in a UUA congregation; Is able to attend the first Board of Trustees Meeting on Monday, June 30, 2014 in Providence, RI (following the close of General Assembly)…

Multicultural Leadership School, July 25–29, 2014

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Build a Multicultural Base The Multicultural Leadership School (MLS) is a training designed specifically for Unitarian Universalist (UU) Youth and Young Adults of Color. The goal of the training is to equip participants to be leaders in their UU congregation, district or continental committee. The 3 ½ day school will feature experienced facilitators who will be intentional on providing participants with experiences that will foster relationship building, leadership skills, racial/ethnic identity development, inter-cultural collaboration and deepening of faith identity. Learn more about the program and apply here.  

It’s ALL Connected

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DAY 13: Intersectional Justice Making When I was a little girl I wanted to save the planet. At four years old my concept of saving the planet involved recycling, stopping pollution by singing songs about how much I loved the earth, and being really nice to animals. Sixteen years later, as a college student, I still recycled and brought re-usable bags to the store, but I had become much more interested in other justice issues, issues that I thought were completely separate from those hippie-dippy tree-hugging concerns. I was learning about institutional racism and western hegemony, and these problems seemed to have nothing to do with my naïve ideas about saving the planet. Then one…