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And Get Answers to your Youth Caucus forms questions NOW? Here’s the deal: WE’VE got 1 office administrator, YOU’VE got MANY questions about filling out your Youth Caucus forms, THERE’S only 7 DAYS (and counting) until General Assembly. Don’t lose any more time, watch this INFORMATIVE (and entertaining) video that Answers the 13 most frequently asked questions about Youth Caucus Forms* ’cause the forms have got to get done. ALL THE FORMS. * Super bonus – watch the video, then ask the star for her autograph at our booth at GA! (There really ought to be a bead for that.)

Start Here: Your Users’ Guide to Youth Caucus at GA

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  General Assembly 2015 is almost here! We are so excited that you will be joining us for this incredible experience. Whether you attend every GA Youth Caucus event or come to orientation and then spend the rest of the week exploring the wide range of events, worships and workshops available throughout General Assembly, and whether this is your first or fifteenth General Assembly – we welcome you! You’ll find all of your Youth Caucus User Guide materials right here on Blue Boat in a special section. Each post covers a different topic that you’ll want to take a look at before your arrival in Portland. If you would rather download a single, text-only PDF…

Say Hi! to Your Youth Caucus 2015 Staff

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Youth Caucus Staff is Building Sacred Community to Refocus Our Faith!   Sr. Dean Olivia Calvi   Olivia is from Los Angeles, CA and is a life-long UU. Currently a Junior in high school, Unitarian Universalist Leadership is her main priority. She also enjoys  Mock Trial and photography. As Sr. Dean, Olivia is charged with mentoring our Jr. Dean, Andrea Briscoe, and guiding our youth caucus staff in planning a Youth Caucus that is a spiritual gathering and collaboration of a multigenerational community focused on reconnecting to our values and 7 principles.           Jr. Dean Andrea Briscoe Andrea lives in the Philly area of PA. She attends Main Line Unitarian Church in the Joseph Priestley…

Sponsor Welcome and Responsibilities

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  Hello, Adult Youth Sponsor! Welcome to General Assembly 2015 – Building a New Way! We are Shannon Harper, James Forrest and Sam Wilson – Adult Advisors to the Youth Caucus Staff and your Sponsor Coordinators! The first thing we’d like to say is THANK YOU! Large spiritual communities like Youth Caucus can be powerful, life-changing, and deeply meaningful, but they cannot happen without the help of adult Youth Sponsors such as yourselves. Whether you’re brand-new or have done this a dozen times, you are vitally important. WE’RE GLAD YOU’RE HERE! Youth Caucus provides meaningful, relevant programming opportunities that make GA a positive, spiritually-engaging, justice-seeking experience for youth. What YOU Do – What WE Do: You, the…

Program Highlights

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  From workshops to worships, there are any number of things you can do at General Assembly. Below are some highlights of what’s happening in the GA Youth Caucus room and throughout General Assembly. If you want to check out the entire schedule: Download the topical guide for summaries by topic, including the entire Youth Caucus schedule and the Young Adults @ General Assembly (YA@GA) schedule. Download the daily programming PDF or even the entire Program Book to see the full range of what’s offered at General Assembly, including workshop descriptions. Note: all Youth Caucus workshop descriptions are included in these resources. Download the GA App for a digital copy of the Program Book content,…

Lead the Largest Gathering of UU Youth in the Nation

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Apply to be the Jr. Dean of Youth Caucus Staff. An opportunity like this only comes along…well, once a year. But you have to be in high school for both years of the two year term to take advantage of it so it’s really only 3 times in a lifetime! If you are selected, you will co-plan and attend General Assembly 2016 in Columbus, OH (June 22-26) and General Assembly 2017 in New Orleans, LA (June 21-25) and your expenses will be paid. Deans bring alive the purpose of Youth Caucus, which is: to serve youth who want to become more involved in Unitarian Universalism and grow as Unitarian Universalists, including youth who want to be involved…

Get Involved and Lead at GA

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Want to get involved and lead at the biggest Unitarian Universalist event of the year? It’s easy! We’re your FUNTIMES Business Managers, Kara and Isabelle, and here are a few ways that anyone can get dig deeper to be a youth leader at General Assembly. Getting involved at GA is way easier than you think; in fact, one way you can get involved is by going to one single workshop. At the “FUNTIMES: Get Involved, Be Heard” workshop on Thursday at 1:15 pm for example, you can get involved in youth presenting their own Action of Immediate Witness (AIW) to the entire General Session. An AIW is a resolution that singles out a single social…

Get Connected: Social Media, Gatherings and More

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  What is the Youth Caucus Social Media presence? How can I connect with others while at GA? ONLINE Join, follow, like, and use our hashtags! On all platforms, the General Assembly hashtag is #UUAGA and the Youth Caucus hashtag is #GAYC. Use them both! Youth Caucus 2015 on Facebook: a private group for those interested in the GA Youth Caucus. Share links, have discussions and keep in touch after GA is over. Youth Caucus Palm Tree on Facebook: This is a Facebook page that you can like. It will give information about Youth Caucus throughout the year! Like it and get updates. @YouthCaucusGA on Twitter: links, photos, updates and live tweets from sessions. This…

Support At GA

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  Your GA Youth Caucus Chaplains want you to know about the following resources. The Chaplain Team also has an on-call cell phone number that will be distributed before GA begins. Hi everyone! We are your Youth Caucus peer chaplains, Colleen and Hope, and we are so excited to meet you in just a little over a month in Portland! We, along with the rest of the Youth Caucus staff, are looking forward to working with all of you to foster a spiritually deep and caring community during our time together at General Assembly. Whether you’ve been to GA before or not, it can (and probably will) at times be both exciting and overwhelming. That’s…

Commit2Respond: Witness for Climate Change

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  Saturday 4:45—6:15PM | Oregon Convention Center A Message from the witness planners: Our climate is changing, yet we have hope. Our world is in crisis, yet we have faith. Together, we are building a new way. In the face of the overwhelming reality and impacts of climate change and environmental destruction, we need each other. Together, we can celebrate life. Together, we can deepen our commitments to justice. Together, we can change the world. Come be renewed in and by our interconnectedness. Hear from American Indian and First Nations leaders at the frontlines, including Lummi Nation Councilman and treaty rights activist Jay Julius and Lummi Elder, international climate justice activist, and totem pole carver Jewell…