Einstein, the Spiritual and Faith

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The Laws of the Universe Albert Einstein’s response in 1936 to a letter from a 6-year old asking if one could believe in both science and religion shows that the two are not mutually exclusive. As the “nones”, movements like Sunday Assembly, and and others challenge the traditional structure and role of religious organizations Einstein’s words remind us that there is a higher power with which humans naturally seek to join. We reprint Einstien’s thoughts here. Read more on why he wrote this letter on Huffington Post here.   January 24, 1936 Dear Phyllis, I will attempt to reply to your question as simply as I can. Here is my answer: Scientists believe that every…

Weapons of the Spirit

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Malcolm Gladwell discusses the power of faith and explains his reawakening to it in these excepts from his post about researching and writing his latest book, David and Goliath. His post, How I Rediscovered Faith, appears on the Relevant Magazine blogsite. Read Malcolm Gladwell’s full post here.–Ed. Research Revelation By Malcolm Gladwell. When I was writing my book David and Goliath, I went to see a woman in Winnipeg by the name of Wilma Derksen. Thirty years before, her teenage daughter, Candace, had disappeared on her way home from school. The city had launched the largest manhunt in its history, and after a week, Candace’s body was found in a hut a quarter of a…

Meaningful Gifts

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Here is Your Invitation! Hello all, This year, the UUA is hosting a Holiday Exchange for the youth ministry professionals in our faith. Rather than trading trinkets, we will exchange messages of inspiration and gratitude. Here’s how it works: Reply to this email by Wednesday, December 18 to let me know if you want to participate. You’ll be given the contact info for another youth ministry professional in our network who is participating (it will be a secret who has your name!) By December 24, email your person with the following two messages (cc youth@uua.org so we can compile your success stories): ~Inspiration – An inspiring story of the youth in your own congregation. ~Gratitude…

Once in this Lifetime – Celebrate Thanksgivukkah!

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We’re making the mash-up! The Blue Boat of Youth and Young Adult Ministries is doing something special to celebrate the unusual confluence of Thanksgiving and Hanukkah, an event that is not predicted to occur again before the year 2070. We’re preparing food for the spirit and conversation since we’re locked in cloud-space and can’t give you somethin’ yummy for yer tummy. Wednesday, November 27 we present the special Blue Boat mash-up “Thanksgivukkah” section exploring themes, stories and ideas lifted-up by these holidays and their intersection. For some Thanksgivukkah might be nothing more than an inevitable quirk when two calendars collide –  Thanksgiving being metered by the Gregorian calendar while Hanukkah follows the lunisolar Hebrew calendar….

Sustenance for Those Who Would Lead

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Leadership is Imperfect, Leaders are Blessed   For congregational leaders of all identity and age, Kay Montgomery has assembled a collection meditations sharing the voice, wisdom and insight of leaders of our faith. Kay explains in her preface that leadership is a skill, presenting the collection with the exhortation to, “Use it to remind yourself of the need for humility and humor and courage…”     Unitarian Universalism exists, is practiced and celebrated in many forms – from traditional “brick and mortar” congregations to small group ministry, campus ministry, gender specific ministries, the Church of the Larger Fellowship and new forms we are discovering or inventing today and for the digital future we will inhabit….

Rising Waters of Faith

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Changing demographics and lifestyles present a challenge to the relevancy and health of  faith organizations as we have known them for the past half-century, however Carol Howard Merritt, in this post from the Alban Institute, encourages us to see the opportunity for growth and vision these challenges provide… – Ed. A Well in the Distance by Carol Howard Merritt Hagar stood in the desert with her son Ishmael in her arms, the dust of the dry landscape swirling about her. She’d been the slave of Sarah, wife of Abraham, and her son was conceived when Hagar was forced to have a child with Abraham. But when Sarah finally and amazingly gave birth to her own son,…

Tiny Size, Big Welcome

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Who knew such a little book could say so much? Neither too big nor too little, this pocket size welcoming guide from Skinner House Books is actually the right size. The Pocket Guide is one of the most complete introductions to Unitarian Universalism available, covering ministry, worship, religious education, social justice, and history. The 2012 edition is the most extensive revision in over a decade. Contributors include Kay Montgomery, John Crestwell, Gail Geisenhainer, Rosemary Bray McNatt, Jane Ranney Rzepka, Mark Belletini, Judith Frediani, Rebecca Parker, and Dan McKanan. Foreword by MSNBC commentator and lifelong Unitarian Universalist Melissa Harris-Perry. Buy the the Unitarian Universalist Pocket Guide  and find other resources about Unitarian Universalism or for new UU’s…

Setting Hearts Aflame

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The 2013 Life on Fire un-conference for missional Unitarian Universalists is happening September 13-15 at the Oak Ridge Unitarian Universalist Church in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. If you don’t know the word “missional,” then you may not know about this community of forward thinking and spiritually passionate people. Seeking to reorient the traditional church so that we reach outwards to the world with our deepest values and principles, this new strain of religious leadership holds appeal for UU’s of all ages, and particularly for young folks who are looking for a embodied faith community. Want to feel your values put into action over the weekend? Make your way to Tennessee! More information is available at the Life on Fire…

Cool and New UU Swag 4U UUs

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The UUA Bookstore has a line of cool shirts, mugs, magnets and stickers to show and share your Unitarian Universalist Identity.   Wear It.   Drink It.   Make it Stick. Take it with you…     Wherever you go.   Get yuur UUwear here.    

Get ‘yerself published!

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Vintage Typewriter Buttons

  Share your embrace of scripture.   Skinner House books has released an Request for Book Proposal on a “Unitarian Universalist embrace of scripture”. Read the RFBP here. (Attention, it is the second request for proposal on the page.) Proposal Deadline is March 15, 2013.