India Recognizes Rights of Transgendered

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Equal in India The Supreme Court of India handed down its decision mandating a third gender category and full legal and civil-rights for the transgendered population of India on April 15, 2014. Learn how the Unitarian Universalist Association supports equality and fairness for all people. Read the Human Rights Campaign Assessment of the UUA on LGBTQ rights.     Read about it: Supreme Court recognizes transgenders as ‘third gender’ on The Times of India. In India, Landmark Ruling Recognizes Transgender Citizens on National Public Radio. India’s Top Court Recognizes Third Gender Category on Huffington Post. Learn about LGBT rights in India on Wikipedia.  

Summer Seminary 2014 – DEADLINE EXTENDED

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Space limited demand is high Apply now to attend Summer Seminary July 30-August 4, 2014 in Chicago, IL. Application deadline APRIL 1, 2014. This program allows Unitarian Universalist youth to explore their call to ministry in all its forms. Summer Seminary focuses on ordained ministry and credentialed leadership in religious education and music, offering youth the opportunity to learn about life as a religious professional, and connect with other youth considering ministry, religious education and other religious professional career paths. Summer Seminary 2014 is open to those who were in grades 10-12 (or the equivalent for home-schooled youth) for the 2013-2014 school year, including those who bridged into young adulthood in the spring/summer of 2014. Learn…

Picture Yourself Here

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The Unitarian Universalist Association Faith Development Office SEEKS PHOTOS of UU GIRL SCOUTS (in uniform or not!) for possible inclusion in the 4th edition of Religion in Life for Girl Scouts, which is the religious recognition UU Girls Scouts can earn. We are seeking images of girls diverse in age, race and ethnicity, body shape, and ability for this new edition, which will be presented as an on-line girl-friendly program, rather than as a booklet to purchase from the bookstore.     If you would like to share photos (or to take some to share), please email All images will require a parental release form, which the UUA will supply.  Thank you for your…

First Hand from Selma

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Read history from Selma. Make history in Raleigh. Reverend Richard Leonard marched by his side when Dr. Martin Luther King called him and other clergy to join the struggle for voting rights in Selma, Alabama. More than 200 Unitarian Universalists responded. It was 1965. That battle was won with passage of the Civil Rights Voting Act of 1965.   Read Rev. Leonard’s first-hand account, including his photos from the Selma marches, Call to Selma: Eighteen Days of Witness, available as an e-book, here. The telegram from Dr. Martin Luther King that ultimately inspired Reverend Richard Leonard, the UUA Board of Trustees and more than 200 other Unitarian Universalist laypeople and clergy to go to Selma,…

Be Massively Moral With Us

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Join with UUs in North Carolina on a march for Moral Justice On February 8 march and rally in Raleigh, NC in what the NAACP, local UU congregations and others are organizing to be the largest moral rally in the South since Selma. Learn more about how to participate or register on Standing on the Side of Love (SSL) here. Read about the march on the Historic Thousands on Jones Street (HKONJ) website. Read the statement by the Rev. Peter Morales, President of the Unitarian Universalist Association.   Support North Carolina’s Moral Agenda and Spread it Far and Wide! Economic Sustainability, Alleviating Poverty and Expanding Labor Rights for All Fully-Funded Constitutional Public Education Healthcare for…

Go International

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KUJENGA MADARAJA – Spanning Cultures: ICUU Conference & Council Meeting The International Council of Unitarians and Universalists (ICUU) will hold its biannual Conference and Council Meeting January 28-31, 2014 at the beautiful and inspiring campus of the UU congregation at Shelter Rock in Manhasset, New York.   More than 140 Unitarians and Unitarian Universalists from twenty-five countries will gather for the event. The program (PDF) will include theme talks, worship services, chalice circle groups and other activities, as well as opportunities for networking and getting to know sisters and brothers from around the world.   ICUU is the international network of Unitarian, Universalist and Unitarian Universalist organizations. 23 national full member groups comprise the voting members of the Council. Provisional…

We’re Listening Up!

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stop and listen

This is an announcement from Shawna Foster, from the Unitarian Universalist Association’s International Office.– Ed.   International Young Adult Listening Project If you’re a young adult living abroad, we want to hear from you! The International Office is conducting a listening project. What’s a listening project? It’s when an interviewer spends time with a certain group of people with carefully developed questions to find out what is going on in their lives. The International Office wants to listen to young adults to see what their lives are like and how Unitarian Universalism plays a part in it.   Through these interviews, we will better understand what your needs are as a young adult outside of…

Make Sense with Your Dollars

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A timely message from our friends at Stewardship and Development Office at the Unitarian Universalist Association. We encourage you to lend your support.–Ed. And make your money make a difference Happy ‪#‎GivingTuesday! Disgusted with black Friday sales on Thanksgiving day? Enraged about the number of local businesses going out of business due to cyber Monday? Gotten too many “Deal” emails this week? FIGHT BACK! Make a gift to your favorite charity today to show that you remember what this season is all about – being thankful for your blessings and sharing them with others.   Allow us to recommend the Unitarian Universalist Association. Please visit

Money for Peace

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Peace ‘n Quiet is Nice. Peace ‘n Community is Better. Peace First has launched the Peace First Prize recognizing young people between the ages of 8-22 for their compassion, courage and ability to create collaborative change. The National Public Radio program Around the Nation spoke with Eric Dawson, the co-founder and president of Peace First, and Peace first Prize recipient Babatunde Salaam.     Michael Martin, host of Around the Nation, from his introduction to the story,”Politicians, school officials, the news media – most adults spend at least some time talking about the problems that affect children and teens – things like bullying, poverty and police brutality. And they often talk about solutions. But why…

Planting to Harvest in Seconds Flat

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Feed the Planet In Many Ways., founded by Unitarian Universalist Eric Carlson is set to launch a very ambitious tree-planting campaign, coupled with a really fantastic dining rewards program. This is great for the planet and for the participants. The program is terrific for year-end and holiday gift-giving for family, friends, employee recognition, customer appreciation, etc.   The campaign is simple: Select from among the three options offered by described below:     1. Plant 50 trees for $50 – Receive a $100 eGift Card. 2. Plant 75 trees for $75 – Receive a $200 eGift Card. 3. Plant 100 trees for $100 – Receive a $500 eGift Card. (…