Pledging to Rise to the Challenge at GA ’12

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(The following is a repost of an article Leigh Friedman – a member of the General Assembly Right Relationship Team at GA ’11 –  for Cooking Together, the UU crowd-source blog on immigration justice for General Assembly 2012 in Phoenix Arizona.) Flexibility, Spiritual Energy, and Wearing Lots of Hats Originally posted in Reflection, Witness and Action, Your Recipes on October 28th, 2011 by Gail Forsyth-Vail – 1 Comment | Edit I love the Youth Caucus at General Assembly because of our community’s open-minded flexibility and fantastically positive energy. This is not to say that these qualities are exclusive to the Youth Caucus, but, as a youth chaplain to the Youth Caucus last year at GA,…

GA ’12 Youth Caucus Deans Make A Statement

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  Sara Surface and Asha Arora of GA Youth Caucus 2012             “I envision a GA of healing. I envision a GA where we come together with our partners and inspire change not just in their community, but in our communities and in our hearts.” – Sara Surface, Senior Dean of GA Youth Caucus 2012 “I envision the Youth Caucus as being an integral and interactive part of GA that educates and encourages acts of justice from youth.” – Asha Arora, Junior Dean of GA Youth Caucus 2012   These are the statements we started with when we gathered in Boston, Massachusetts to connect, brainstorm and plan for this year’s…

Youth Leader Featured on UUA GA ’12 Blog

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Youth Leader Featured on UUA GA ’12 Blog, “Cooking Together”   There is much buzz in Unitarian Universalist circles about Justice GA 2012 in Phoenix. Here’s what Asha Arora, this year’s GA Youth Caucus junior dean, known as a HUUPER (Hardcore UU Person, Energized and Ready), has to say.