Tumbl Through Lent

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47◊ Days of Practice and Reflection Join Unitarian Universalists (UUs) expressing their Lenten wishes on tumblr at “practicinglent.tumblr.com“ Beginning on Wednesday March 5, 2014, and for each of the next 40 days, UUs add the day’s word and a related quote to the main Practicing Lent page. Check the word and quote in the morning, and come back later in the day to add your photo* (YOUR photo – please respect copyright!). Check back more than once to see images our fellow Unitarian Universalists have shared  throughout the day.     Remember to tag your photo with the word of the day, we can all search by keyword later. ◊ Visit practicinglent.tumblr.com to find out why…

Opening Our Closets

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Why Wait for Spring to let the light shine? Ash Bechkam reminds us that we all keep truths about ourselves hidden away from others, and that learning to liberate oneself from the fear of those truths being exposed is a key for living authentically, in direct communication with others and without apology for living our truth. Why it matters? Because to Let Love Reach Out, it is good to reach in with love, too. Unitarian Universalism and the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) strongly support the “free and responsible search for truth and meaning” – it’s the Fourth Principle of Unitarian Universalism (read all 7 Principles). The Seven Principles informs the work the UUA on issues…

Share the Love Sunday

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Day 30: Raise our voice in worship and love I love the annual 30 Days of Love Campaign because it gives makes me reflect upon how powerful love is as an agent of change. Every year this campaign provides thirty opportunities to witness how love changes lives by bringing the experiences of others into our own. The 30 Days of Love Campaign is an invitation and a road-map to greater awareness of the what needs to be changed to end injustice, how to make change happen, and what we can do. What I love most about the 30 Days of Love Campaign is the daily reminder of how simple it is to be a better…

Love: The Simple Big Deal

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Day 29: Reflect on reaching out with love I don’t know whether it’s a coincidence or not, but it seems that lately I’ve been seeing love in the most surprising places. No, I’m not talking about couples smooching in the park! I’m talking about the kind (and kinds) of love that we’ve been exploring for the past thirty days. Of course there are the usual day-to-day frustrations; tempers run short when you’re fighting wild weather, winter doldrums, and post-holiday letdown. But I have also seen little acts of kindness, or one stranger treating another with respect, or a very thoughtful post online that turns a spiraling conversation around. I have also thought more about love…

Interfaith Strong

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DAY 22: Stand with Those Who Face Religious Discrimination Not long ago I read an article written by a young Muslim-American man who described the types of bias and discrimination that Muslim-American individuals experience on a regular basis. I figured as much – I saw how violence against  people who looked Middle Eastern rose during the Iran hostage crisis in the 1970s, and then again after 9/11. What surprised and touched me the most in his story was when he reported discovering that his family members had had similar experiences but never shared their stories with one another, choosing instead to suffer in silence and keep it to themselves. No one should have to suffer,…

Embrace Everyone

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DAY 20: Radical Inclusion Today, 30 Days of Love invites us to consider the ways we engage all people, regardless of physical, cognitive, sensory, or psychological ability. I’ve found myself thinking about this quite a bit recently, as one of the courses I’m taking opens each class with an icebreaker of some sort. Our first day involved a number of icebreakers that required movement around a rather cramped classroom and one of my classmates has a motorized wheelchair. We “made do” but it was clearly not an inclusive environment.  In subsequent classes, our icebreakers have been more verbal or take place sitting down in smaller groups with little moving around the room, now that the…

Challenge Your Bias

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DAY 19: Practice Radical Love for our Troops   Seek the stories you don’t usually hear I can count on one hand the number of people I know who are veterans of the recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. I can count them on one hand and still have three fingers left over. One is the cousin of my childhood best friend and the other is a guy I met at church through young adult gatherings. This means I don’t hear the stories of military members or veterans very often. Sometimes I would hear a report on the radio, read a news article, about veterans returning with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), veterans who can’t…

Growing Leaders for Peace

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Recognize Peacemakers Apply for the prize or nominate a deserving Unitarian Universalist youth or young adult. The 2014 Peace First Prize is an opportunity to lift-up the powerful contributions of youth peacemakers. The Prize recognizes 5-10 young people between the ages of 8-22 for their compassion, courage and ability to create collaborative change. Through a two-year $25,000 Peace First Fellowship Peace First will invest in their leadership as peacemakers and share their stories with the nation.   Faith – and Experience. Peace First is founded on the premise that young people can learn to lead and make peace in new and different ways because of their youth. Unitarian Universalist youth are excellent candidates for the…

We Travel Together

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DAY 1: Our Shared Spiritual Journey   We travel together, to our victory or peril. Some would say we are condemned to travel together, yet for others it is the opportunity to rise up to be the best we can be as humans. Whereas we might endeavor in our own ways for the goals that we share – greater social justice, equity and fairness for all people; the freedom to live as we would, with whom we wish in peace and freedom; the possibility of leaving the world a better place for those who will follow through our efforts – what is special about 30 Days of Love is the opportunity to do these things…

Spotlight: UU Young Adults of Des Moines

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Welcome to the Spotlight Series!  Each month we’ll feature a different Unitarian Universalist congregation or community that is doing effective, innovative or otherwise interesting ministry with young adults. –Ed. Marisa Williams is a new parent in Des Moines, Iowa.  When her daughter Lilian was born in October of 2013 she had a community of people who instantly loved her child, bringing meals and supporting the young family.  The tight knit community that supported her had only known her for about a year, but they had welcomed her in with open arms.   Who are these incredibly supportive and welcoming folks?  They’re the Unitarian Universalist young adults of the First Unitarian Church of Des Moines, also…