Spotlight: UU Young Adults of Chicago

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Welcome to the Spotlight Series! Each month we’ll feature a different Unitarian Universalist congregation or community that is doing effective, innovative or otherwise interesting ministry with young adults.– Ed. A unique and engaging model for local young adult ministry Chicago Chalice Connection is a one of a kind young adult program that is connecting Unitarian Universalists from all over the Chicagoland area with spiritual engagement, social justice and service opportunities, and a peer group for support and socializing. What makes Chicago Chalice Connection different from many of our young adult ministries? It’s connected to a geographic area rather than a specific institution (such as a congregation or college) and it is led by paid young adult…

Gather Virtually with UU Campus Ministry Leaders!

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Summer is over and it’s time for UU campus ministry leaders to meet In some parts of the country school has already started; elsewhere people are preparing to enjoy labor day weekend before the new semester begins.  But whatever schedule you’re on it’s time to plug in with your fellow campus ministry leaders for mutual support and information! Our first call of the school year is on Monday September 8th at 8 pm eastern. All campus ministry leaders are welcome: lay and ordained, students and elders, everything in between. Last year we met on the second Sunday of the month in the evenings, but many folks expressed this wasn’t the best time to gather. So we…

Figuratively/Literally on the Move? – Keep Connected!

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“Life is a Journey”, and, “You Can’t Take it With You”: True AND False Striking out on new adventures – whether moving around the block or across the country – also means leaving your youth group behind, where deep relationship and spiritual connection are built right in. And though you may miss the support youth groups provide, an exciting part of this transition is the opportunity to discover how to join with other UUs to express your faith in a new way – in your way. We call it Bridging, because being on your  journey – from high school studies to college, or the military, or a new apartment or job – doesn’t mean you don’t take…

Witnessing the Reality of Reproductive Justice

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Reproductive Justice Tour Daily Blog: Day 4 After a hiatus, we continue our reporting of the First Unitarian Universalist Church of Columbus and surrounding UU congregations Reproductive Justice learning trip, held the week of June 16–21. –Ed. Reflection from Thursday’s Trip to Cleveland Our day started off with a bang! Following a 2-hour drive to Cleveland and lots of coffee, we arrived at Preterm, Ohio’s only non-profit abortion clinic. Preterm is a clinic that focuses on holistic care for women- meaning medical care alongside psychological and spiritual care. We heard from one of the women who works there as a patient advocate. She talked about the scope of what Preterm provides and some on the…

Our Vision for Reproductive Justice

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Reproductive Justice Daily Blog: Day 1 Love Reaches Out in many ways, and during the week of June 16–21 Blue Boat invites you to join high school youth of First Unitarian Universalist Church of Columbus and surrounding UU congregations on their Justice Trip learning about Reproductive Justice. –Ed. Our Vision for Reproductive Justice Abortion access for all Safe communities Comprehensive sex education for everyone No gender binary Easy access to resources End rape culture    Right to identify yourself as you see fit How do we get there? Raise awareness (protest) Engage decision makers Build awareness with youth in schools, on social media Build the next generation Petitioning Find places of influence (press) Target audience…

Stronger than Hate

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Rev. Erik Wikstrom serves as Settled Minister at the Thomas Jefferson Memorial Church – Unitarian Universalist, Charlotsville, VA. The Blue Boat occasionally re-posts from his blog, A Minister’s Musings. Here are Rev. Wickstrom’s reflections on the death of Fred Phelps, founder of the Westboro Baptist Church.–Ed. A Time to Mourn   Fred Phelps, the leader of the Westboro Baptist Church — you know, the one that said “God hates fags!”and made a name for itself picketing so many funerals — died today. Many of my friends and colleagues are discussing whether or not they feel compelled to forgive, or to mourn and his passing. Some say they hope he will rot in the hell he seemed…

Bridge the Divide

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DAY 18: For Immigration Reform At the Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministries at the UUA we think often about bridging divides, and in particular the multi-generational divide between Unitarian Universalist youth and young adults and other UUs, so it has become a reflex for us to consider how one’s identity informs one’s point of view. While in the office we work to build bridges of understanding amongst our constituents, it is not obvious it translates into being more aware of the divides we are all called upon to bridge in our daily life. Leaving the comfort zone of one’s own point-of-view isn’t automatic, isn’t always easy and requires a deliberate choice. Bridging a…

Oral History to Vibrant Reality

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DAY 15: Keeping the Story Alive Flat World Story My family arrived in America from Eastern Europe during anti-Jewish Pogroms at the end of the 19th century. My grand-parents on both sides of the family were born here, but their parents, and any family members older than they, were immigrants. Growing up I was fascinated to know where our family came from, but when I asked my grand-parents to talk about it the story always began and ended with the passage of their parents through Ellis Island. No matter how much I’d insist, my grand-parents were equally insistent on not telling me the family history from before about 1900 (give or take a few years,…


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DAY 14: Interfaith Perspective For me, stories are an absolutely essential part of my faith. As has come up each year during 30 Days of Love, I grew up Roman Catholic and spent much of my high school and college years around Franciscans. When I think about stories that have impact for me, many of them are stories of Francis of Assisi. The story of Francis embracing a leper – who he had previously ignored, avoided and had been taught to despise – reminds me to push past the cultural messages, personal fears and other barriers that keep me from recognizing the worth of each person and acting on the recognition. The story of Francis…

The Power of Stories

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DAY 10: Sharing Stories   The truly very important matter So a couple months ago, something happened to me that I imagine you might be able to relate to. I got really upset about something a stranger said on the internet. Now you probably know how this goes. First Random Acquaintance posts a status on facebook about a Very Important Matter about which you have strong feelings. So you post a comment, with your (carefully worded) opinion. Some other acquaintances chime in, mostly in agreement with you, but then, here comes Stranger, posting something that is just plain wrong. Stranger knows Random Acquaintance, but you and Stranger have no connection. Still, you feel compelled to…