This is What I Was Freakin’ Looking For!

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 EM by Kristen Psaki @kristenpsaki Em du Mond Church of the Larger Fellowship “A more accurate question than why am I UU is why am I still UU?” Em du Mond grew up UU. She was dedicated into the church, did RE and OWL, the whole gamut. “Then when I got into high school there was nothing, like at all.” Since there was no RE program for high school aged youth Em became a childcare worker for the church in order to at least stay connected. “I was working for them not really getting spiritual nourishment but still going to my community church where everyone knew me.” Luckily Em learned about Youth Cons her…

Use Social Media to Reach, Teach and Minister

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Teaching with the Tools.           The Church of the Larger Fellowship offers 21st Century Ministry: Using Social Media to Reach, Teach and Minister, a monthly distance learning course from October 2013 through May 2014 on using Social Media to conduct ministry. Curriculum begins October 1, 2013. Meeting time is 1:00 – 3:00 pm (Eastern Time). The course is divided into two learning formats: Large group learning (1-­3 PM, ET, First Tuesdays, Oct 2013-­ May 2014), and Small group practicum (1-­3 PM, ET, Third Tuesdays Oct 2013-­ May 2014) Registration fee:  $800* (Payment plan° available with $200 deposit) Participants will need access to good Internet service, a computer/tablet with mic and webcam, and…

UU Taizé Worship – Online

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The Church of the Larger Fellowship hosts an online Taizé worship service this Wednesday, January 9th, at 8 PM ET. Wait – What’s Taizé? Taizé style worship comes from the ecumenical Christian monastic community in Taizé, France.  A Taizé style worship typically has periods of singing, prayers, readings and silence.  There are no sermons or announcements, and the goal is to develop a meditative rhythm within the worship space. This meditative state allows the worshiper to better commune with the divine, removing the barriers of the world in much the same way as a mantra or a meditative walk around a quiet lake.   Song The songs are often made up of simple repetitions which can be repeated for…

Spread Some Online Love

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Let Your Fingers Sing! Many young adults are spending  of their live online – an almost 20% increase of time between July 2011 and 2012, according to research by Nielsen. The survey also found Young adults are the most active group of users of online technology, and this shouldn’t be a surprise to us! Our activities online range from the banal –  shopping to the sublime – like  attending church.  Increasingly, our online time is spent in spaces where we decide what happens- the so called “web 2.0.”  On social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, and Tumblr, YOU decide the content that you want to see, share and experience. Content does not come from one fixed…

Go to The Hub: Young Adult UUs

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Young adult Unitarian Universalists share, seek and connect at The Hub: Young Adult UUs.   Join this new Facebook open page that offers UU young adult groups a great way to come together. Join The Hub at     Young adult UU’s are a big, diverse group, spanning ages 18-35 (inclusive). In fact, maybe the only thing that unites us is that we are UU’s going through transitions and discernment. That’s why The Hub embraces a diverse vision of young adult ministry that includes religious communities for college students, young families, working young adults, spiritual seekers and young religious professionals, just to name a few. Here’s what else The Hub offers: The Hub Map…

You Gotta Feel Radical Spirit!

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Have you felt the radical spirit? Written by the Editors of The Radical Spirit There’s a new spirit stirring in Unitarian Universalism – a new sense of possibility. Have you felt it? We feature it. The Radical Spirit is an online journal of provocative ideas. It was born in a coffee shop around the corner from Harvard Divinity School, forged in the fires of late-night discussion of the kind young adults are famous for in our culture. You know the (often accurate) cliche of young adults engaged in a battle of wits over soaring questions like “does time exist?” or “what is the meaning of life?” The players in our conversation were seminarians preparing for UU…

Quest For Meaning: On Line Sundays and Mondays

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The Church of the Larger Fellowship presents Quest for Meaning on Livestream. Join Unitarian Universalists from around the country in worship, every Sunday and Monday. In addition to live services, the Church of the Larger Fellowship maintains taped segments on this stream, available for viewing anytime.

Contemporary Online Worship Without Walls from CLF

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by Rev. Eric Hausman Do you want to worship even when you can’t make it to congregation? The Church of the Larger Fellowship is piloting online worship services and has begun work on adding a second contemporary service.  We welcome your input in building it, starting with your feedback. Join us for a service (including digital coffee hour), and complete the survey at the end. Show us what contemporary service means to you We need you to help provide different pieces of video-recorded material to make this a truly collaborative and sustainable worship experience. Please share with us prayers, songs, UU performance art and whatever else you can imagine that creates meaningful contemporary worship. The…