GA 2014 for Youth and Young Adults


Meet the Youth Caucus 2016 Super Staff!

February 8th 2016, no comments

Youth Caucus Staff : bringing covenant wherever they go General Assembly (GA) 2016 is bound to be a ...


Announcing Youth Caucus 2016 Deans

September 28th 2015, no comments

At the time this post was published, there were a mere 270 days before thousands of Unitarian Unive...

Jonathan Rogers passes the bandana to Ayla Halberstadt at General Assembly 2015.

Join the YA@GA 2016 Team Today

September 24th 2015, no comments

Worship and GA Talks Coordinators Needed! APPLICATIONS MUST BE RECEIVED BY OCTOBER 4, 2015 (CLICK HE...


GA 2015 Youth Caucus: “WE Are the Revolution”

September 15th 2015, no comments

TODAY   Youth Caucus attendees Collen Lee & Phoebe Mussman share this reflection of  their...


Learn How the Black Lives Matter AIW Came to Be

August 7th 2015, no comments

Read the inside story from Youth Caucus 2015 Co-Business Manager Isabelle McCurdy on how the Youth ...


Do Cool Stuff: Be a Dean!

July 17th 2015, no comments

(Co-Dean, that is) Application Deadline is August 5, 2015 These people…   Are listening t...


New to GA: Media Volunteers!!

June 19th 2015, no comments

Timely Timeless Stories from Unitarian Universalist General Assembly The Office of Youth and Young A...


(Wanna Know How to Cut the Queue)

June 16th 2015, no comments

And Get Answers to your Youth Caucus forms questions NOW? Here’s the deal: WE’VE got 1 o...


All of the Things: YA@GA 2015 Edition

June 12th 2015, no comments

Your one stop guide to all YA@GA programming This post is brought to you by your senior YA@GA co-fac...


Start Here: Your Users’ Guide to Youth Caucus at GA

June 1st 2015, 2 comments

  General Assembly 2015 is almost here! We are so excited that you will be joining us for this ...


Say Hi! to Your Youth Caucus 2015 Staff

June 1st 2015, 6 comments

Youth Caucus Staff is Building Sacred Community to Refocus Our Faith!   Sr. Dean Olivia Calvi &...


Sponsor Welcome and Responsibilities

June 1st 2015, 2 comments

  Hello, Adult Youth Sponsor! Welcome to General Assembly 2015 – Building a New Way! We are S...